INTERREG IVC - CIVPRO Nature ever will hide, Heraclitus



Dear Colleagues

On behalf of the Lead Partner of the CivPro program, which is co-funded by INTERREG IVC, I would like to welcome you in the “CivPro” Family. Having as a main subject the “Regional Policies on Disasters Prevention” our project aims at fostering a creative dialogue among different levels of decision – making, administration and co-operation as well as among (11) Member States of the European Union:Hellas (General Secretariat for Civil Protection-Lead Partner and Region East Macedonia & Thrace ), Hungary (Municipality of Miskolc), Romania (Hargita County Council), Poland (Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Wroclaw Branch), Bulgaria (Municipality of Popovo), Spain (Delegation of the Government in Castille and Leon), Belgium (AG Port of Ostende), Cyprus (Civil Defence), Slovakia (City of Kosice), Slovenia (Development Agency ROD), Portugal (Municipality of Alcobaca) each one of them having different experiences. From the Mediterranean Zone to the North and Central Europe, the CivPro partners believe that the best practices and policies on disasters prevention in a regional level cannot be looked for, analyzed and evaluated without their being connected with the Central European Stage of Civil Protection and the central level of policy making.

CivPro is not a usual program of INTERREG IVC. It is a special experiment, as its Lead Partner is a National Authority, belonging to the “potential core” of the European Civil Protection Mechanism. The General Secretariat for Civil Protection is the first central authority ever in the history of the institution of INTERREG IVC to be appointed as a Lead Partner of such a program and one of the very few national authorities for Civil Protection in the E.U which has participated in regional development programs.

Having the main quote of Heraclitus in mind, that is “Nature ever will hide”, the CivPro partners claim to be ONE FAMILY by having as their common reference point the protection of the life and property of their citizens; their European citizens.


                     The Secretary General for Civil Protection


                                     Theodoros BOUFIS